Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowball Ornaments

Hey y'all! I thought I would get a head start this year by making some ornaments.  I found tubes of 8 glittered ornaments in Target's $1 section so I grabbed 3 tubes and another tube of 4 large silver ornaments.  That's 28 ornaments for $4.  I did splurge on the glitter though.  I had eyeing the Martha Stewart glitters for months waiting for an appropriate reason to buy some and I thought this was just the project. I used Brillo in the crystal course texture.  You could experiment by making different colored snow balls (I'd just stay away from yellow!).  The glitter cost $10 but I hardly used 1/10 of the bottle so I have plenty more for another project.  The rest of the supplies I already had on hand so the total project price was about $14. 

For this project you will need:
  • Ornaments (these can be new plain ornaments or old ornaments you want to recycle, just be sure to take off any previous decorations because it is better to have a smooth surface)
  • Glitter (I splurged on Martha Stewart brand glitter.  If you wanted to be more thrifty, use any generic brand glitter, the results will still be beautiful!)
  • Ribbon (about 9ft)
  • Washable school glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Toddler (optional)

We started with the large silver balls.  We used the brush to "paint" on the glue.  Be very generous with the glue and make sure that you cover the ball completely.  Then, sprinkle the glitter on top of the glue.  Again, be very generous and make sure that you cover the ball completely.  This is best done over a paper plate or news paper that so you can just fold it in half and pour the glitter back into it's container for easy cleanup.  Set aside to dry. 
With the smaller balls we did two different patterns.  For half we "painted" the glue on the tops to make them look as if they had been freshly dusted with snow.  With the others we did a swirl pattern on top with the glue.  For both, sprinkled the glitter on the glue just as you did for the Snow Balls and set aside to dry.
While the ornaments are drying, cut your ribbon into 5 or 6 inch strips.  Once the glue has set completely (about 1 or 2 hours), tie the ribbon onto the ornaments, leaving a loop to hang them onto the tree.  Voila!  You made Snow Balls and matching snow covered glitter ornaments!